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The 70 Nations Broadcast Network is a media platform that focuses on content relevant to the Noahide community. The Noahide movement is a moral and ethical movement based on the belief in the Seven Laws of Noah, given by God to Noah and reiterated at Mt. Sinai. You might consider these commandments given by God as a universal moral code for all of humanity. The 70 Nations Broadcast Network will encompass a range of programming tailored to the interests and values of individuals who adhere or wish to learn more about God's Noahide principles for life. Overall, the 70 Nations Network aims to serve as a source of inspiration, education, and community building for individuals who identify with the Noahide principles, fostering a sense of connection and shared values within the global Noahide community. Below is a short list of the programming content.

1. Educational Content: 70 Nations will offer educational programming that explain the Seven Laws of Noah and provide insights into their moral, ethical and spiritual significance. This could include lectures, discussions, and interviews with Torah scholars and other leaders.

2. Torah Teachings: Broadcasts may include content related to monotheism, ethical monotheism, and the ethical principles derived from the Noahide laws. Religious teachings and sermons may be featured, addressing moral and spiritual aspects of life.

3. Interfaith Dialogue: Given the universal nature of the Noahide laws, the network may host programs that promote interfaith dialogue, fostering understanding, cooperation and misconceptions among people of different religious backgrounds.

4. Cultural and Community Events: The network may cover cultural events, celebrations, and community gatherings within the Noahide community. This could include discussions on the observance of festivals and holidays, as well as interviews with community leaders.

5. News and Commentary: Noahide broadcast networks may provide news coverage from a Noahide perspective, discussing current events and issues that align with the ethical principles of the Noahide laws. Commentary programs may explore how these principles can be applied to contemporary challenges.

6. Humanitarian, Animal Cruelty and Environmental Initiatives: The Noahide movement places a high emphasis on ethical behavior and responsible stewardship of the environment. As such, the network might feature content related to humanitarian efforts, preservation of animal life, charitable initiatives, and environmental awareness.

7. Counseling and Guidance Programs: There may be programs dedicated to providing guidance on ethical living, personal development, and moral decision-making, drawing inspiration from the Noahide principles.

8. Multilingual Broadcasting: To reach a global audience, 70 Nations Broadcast Network will offer content in multiple languages, making it accessible to people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

9. Online Community Interaction: The network will incorporate online platforms, such as forums, social media, and interactive websites, to facilitate community engagement, discussions, and the exchange of ideas among Noahide adherents.

10. Prayer, Blessing and Holiday Programming: The 70 Nations Broadcast Network will often include broadcasts pertaining to prayers, blessings, discussions on Torah and Talmudic teachings, as well as coverage of Noahide holidays as well.

11. Noahide Cultural Content: These stations may feature programs that highlight Noahide cultural events, traditions, music, art, literature, and history. Cultural content may also include interviews with prominent figures in the Jewish community.

12. Language Diversity: 70 Nations will endeavor to have show hosts from all the nations of the world in their home language.

13. Music: the 70 Nations Network may play a variety of music genres, including traditional, contemporary and popular music created by Jewish and Noahide artists. Music programming may also align with the themes of Noahide holidays.

14. Call-In Shows: Interactive programs, such as call-in shows and talk radio, provide a platform for listeners to share their thoughts, ask questions, and engage in discussions with hosts and other community members.

15. Philanthropy and Social Services: 70 Nations may highlight charitable initiatives, social services, and community outreach efforts, encouraging listeners to get involved in charitable activities.