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Noahide Nations was founded by Mr. Ray Pettersen in 2003. Ray has spent countless hours studying, publishing and expanding his outreach and has funded most if not all of the courses, lectures, world conferences and publications we us to train Noahides. 

Whenever a need has arisen, Ray has been there to answer the call. He had a radio show in Israel and has forged relationships with many notable and learned Rabbis around the world. Within the Noahide community, he is recognized as one of the best known and knowledgeable Noahide speakers. He is also a very humble and giving person. The staff and directors, all of whom are volunteers, hold Ray in the highest regard. His leadership has rallied the troops many times.

As we grow and add to this website we look towards the future. A new radio program, children's education and more Nagid training around the world. We reach out to all people in all nations. Our ultimate goal is to have as many people follow the Noahide path as intended by G-d. We stand firm in our faith and see all of mankind, regardless of age, race, woman or man as equals.

We would be remiss if we did not thank the Rabbinical associates of Noahide Nations. We are so grateful for these Rabbis to whom we turn for advice and  answers regularly. We count each Rabbi as a blessing and hope HaShem blesses them deeply for their generosity, their teachings and their friendship.