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Simple and Delicious Dishes. Two Ways.

Author: Daniella Silver

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 296
Dimensions: 10.875 x 9 inches



More than 120 recipes, each with a clever variation.

Stunning pictures with every recipe.

Many gluten-free recipes, all clearly marked.

Nutritional information is included for every recipe.

Daniella Silver, author of the bestselling Silver Platter cookbook series, knows what today's cooks are looking for: accessible, basic ingredients that produce fantastic results. Show-stopping food with prep time that fits into our busy lives. Food that delights our eyes as well as our palates, food that is delicious, impressive, and easy to prepare. We want recipes that do it all! And now, we've got them!

In Variations, Daniella takes culinary creativity to a whole new level. Each recipe showcases two ways to prepare and serve the food. Sesame-Crusted London Broil is perfect for a festive meal - or cut it into bite-size pieces and you've got a marvelous appetizer. Spiced Eggplant Wedges are a delicious side dish - or dice them up and serve them as a topping over hummus. Enjoy a Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie - or transform it into an Ice Cream Sandwich. Every recipe offers two creative presentations using the same basic ingredients. Many variations offer substitutions to the base recipe or include additional ingredients to make a totally new dish.

You'll surprise yourself, delight your family and guests, and unlock your culinary creativity with these versatile recipes and innovative variations.

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