A Touch of Purity
A Touch of Purity  A Touch of Purity  A Touch of Purity 

A Touch of Purity

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The Soul of Teshuvah Through Stories and Reflections

Author: Rabbi Yechiel Spero

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 336
Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 0.938 inches


If repentance is so important - why is it so hard to achieve it?

With his trademark blend of stories that open our hearts and Torah insights that reach our souls, Rabbi Yechiel Spero, author of the bestselling Touched by a Story series, gently but firmly leads us on the path of repentance, teshuvah.

A revered rosh yeshivah struggles to atone for a wrong he'd done years before; a devoted chassid offers to give up his life's dream rather than embarrass his rebbe; a starving young man lights a candle in the worst darkness of the Warsaw ghettoà Here are stories that touch us, amaze us and, of course, inspire us to try a little harder, to push a little further - and to reach a place of teshuvah that we never believed possible.

As we are inspired by the wonderful and unusual stories of this master storyteller, we also

  •     Gain a new understanding of Selichos, the penitential prayers;
  •     Learn techniques of introspection;
  •     Explore ways of enhancing our connection to Hashem;
  •     Discover the secrets of cheshbon hanefesh - spiritual reckonings - and the tried and true method to attain forgiveness.

A Touch of Purity is the perfect companion during the awesome days of Elul, Rosh HaShanah.


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