Celebrating Life's Milestones: Ceremonies for Noahides - HC

Celebrating Life's Milestones: Ceremonies for Noahides - HC

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148 pages
Author: Ray Pettersen

Make Every Moment Count

"Celebrating Life's Milestones" is more than just a book—it's a companion that encourages you to savor every step of your journey. Whether you're marking a significant achievement or simply pausing to appreciate the present, this book provides the inspiration and tools you need to make every celebration extraordinary.

What’s Inside?

Baby Naming
Coming of Age
Prayers for Life

Who Is This Book For?

Individuals: Those looking to add more meaning to their personal celebrations.
Families: Create lasting memories with your loved ones.
Friends: Share joy and support during important life events.
Event Planners: Get inspiration and tips for planning milestone celebrations.
Nagid Clergy: Officiate amazing ceremonies.

Praise for 'Celebrating Life's Milestones'.

Dear Ray,

I have just finished my second reading of Celebrating Life's Milestones. I am so moved by this work. So much thought went into it. So much love and care. It is absolutely amazing to see what you have done, bringing such a treasury of good, practical, down-to-earth, as well as spiritually inspiring material together, all in the spirit of the Torah. It is an extremely important document. It has my blessing for what it’s worth, and it should have the blessing of anyone else who cares. May Hashem bless this work to see the light of day, to guide good people everywhere in the ways of Hashem, the ways of kindness and love, the ways of wisdom and caring, the ways of truth and respect, the ways of commitment and faithfulness. I particularly love the Traveler’s Prayer as a farewell blessing at the end of many of the ceremonies.

With blessing and appreciation,

Rabbi Avraham Sutton
Jerusalem, Israel

Shalom Ray,

“Celebrating Life’s Milestones” is filled with a lot of information that is both faithful to the laws and principles of the 7 Laws as well as promoting a very straightforward, simple but elegant path in celebrating a number of life’s major milestones.  While any method of celebration one decides on following should be approved by one’s own Rabbi or spiritual advisor, however, this is a fantastic resource towards planning, organizing and holding these celebrations.  I am looking forward to future volumes of this work covering other milestones in life as well as individual celebrations.

Rabbi Yerachmiel Altman
Rabbi of Anshei Toras Chesed and Carolina Noahides,
Author of ‘Seven Laws of Noah, G-d’s Plan for Living a Good Life’

Dear Ray,

I have just finished your wonderful book, ‘Celebrating Life’s Milestones’.  You have authored an incredible work that is so deeply and thoroughly researched that it will absolutely be a tremendous resource for guiding those seeking a truly Gdly life and in such a beautiful and creative manner to help these important milestones be fulfilled in a joyous and loving manner.  Gd bless you Ray and your holy work.

Rebbetzin Miriam Yerushalmi
Author of ‘Reaching New Heights Through Kindness in Marriage’.

My Dear Friend,

I am currently holding your previous book ‘The Order’, which I will be using in my class tonight. The topic will be "prayers for Bnei Noah" and your book is an excellent guidance.  Thank you for publishing this work.

I also wish to commend you for your excellent up-coming book ‘Celebrating Life's Milestones’.  Your love for Torah and Israel is well reflected in the book and I hope it will serve as a guide for many Noahide generations. There is only one point I should say - we need to make sure that the ceremonies would not be seen by an occasional observer as Jewish. You have, of course, addressed that point in your book many times.

I pray that you will continue your good work for HaSheM and merit to compose and publish more similar works that are so needed in our confused world.

Hope to see you again,

Rabbi Dr. Zvi Aviner

Dearest Ray,

The book you have sent me, 'Celebrating Life's Milestones: Ceremonies for Noahides', is a beautiful, deeply moving work, that will help unite Noahide communities and allow them to evolve while retaining their own cultural identity.  I especially want to express my appreciation of Honoring Parents [and grandparents] and as a great-grandparent I could add that, but the idea is clear.
May the Almighty bless this work.

Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander

Dear Sir,

I absolutely love your book ‘Celebrating Life's Milestones’, it is a must-read book that provides meaningful and common-sense guidance, anchored in sound biblical precepts, to assist the Noahide community navigate through those watershed moments in life.

Gabriel Pintos/Sergeant Major, USMC/Retired.                                                                              
27-year Veteran and a friend to the Jewish and Noahide communities for almost 13 years.

Don’t let life’s precious moments pass by unnoticed. Order "Celebrate Life's Milestones" today and start creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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