Pirkei Avos: Sfas Emes And Other Chassidic Masters

Pirkei Avos: Sfas Emes And Other Chassidic Masters

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Author: Rabbi Yosef Stern
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 489

Poland was a breeding ground of great Chassidic masters who taught with novel and stimulating ideas. Rabbi Yehudah Aryeh Alter, known as the "Sfas Emes," was one of the greatest. Brilliant thinker, commentator, and leader of hundreds of thousands of followers, he was one of the Chassidic movement's most seminal figures. RABBI YOSEF STERN distills and arranges the trenchant themes of the comments of the Sfas Emes and dozens of others according to Ethics of the Fathers, topic by topic. He presents them as a coherent commentary that is saturated with illuminating ideas that mine the text and extract a wealth of nuggets. Includes the full Hebrew text of Pirkei Avos with English translation and commentary.

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