Just One Word - Emunah
Just One Word - Emunah 

Just One Word - Emunah

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Author: Esther Stern

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 304
Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 0.813 inches


One word.
A wonderful way of living.

    Does emunah really take away our problems?
    How can we feel Hashem's love for us, particularly when things are difficult?
    If emunah is really so powerful - HOW CAN I ACQUIRE IT, STRENGTHEN IT AND USE IT IN MY LIFE?

Just One Word: Emunah answers these questions and trains us to make emunah an integral part of our everyday lives.

In this beautifully written book you will find stories, dozens and dozens of them, about people, both gedolim and "regular, everyday" men and women, whose emunah led them to great heights. We will discover the source of the mitzvah, and how Chazal and Torah sages throughout the centuries personified emunah. And, of course, here are effective techniques and ideas for planting emunah firmly into our hearts and our lives.

From finding a parking space to finding a shidduch; from an inconvenient head cold to the most frightening diagnosis; from a burnt supper to a broken marriage - emunah gives us the strength to deal with whatever Hashem has sent us with calmness and joy. This book will show you how.


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